Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lunch Surprise

Today at lunch, I made my way to Subway to grab a quick sandwich. I wasn't necessarily thrilled about lunch since I had Subway yesterday. I tried to make it different by getting my same sandwich I got yesterday (the only sandwich I get there and most places) UN-toasted. I make my way down to the cash register where I am asked what sandwich (I reply "six inch ham") and if I would like chips and drink... I politely declined and asked for a sugar cookie (again, different from my chocolate chip I got yesterday). The sweet guy at the cash register grabbed me a sugar cookie and realized it was broken, so he gave me another one - I got two cookies for the price one.. Bonus.

Double Bonus - I wasn't charged for any cookies. I got two cookies free. I was a happy girl at lunch time.

Hope your Tuesday brought you a special surprise too!
-Jack and Kayla

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