Thursday, September 2, 2010

heavy winds to double rainbow

We had another exciting evening of Oklahoma weather!
 Clouds brewing in the west
Southeast view

We had two power surges, which interrupted my laundry loads, but that was about all. Jack and I were still able to cook our dinner (chicken and roasted potatoes). It rained for about 30 minutes or so, then the storm passed and left us with this....
 a faint rainbow - which became brighter....
and brighter...
and brighter! It was a double rainbow!
Rainbows make still make me smile, just like they did when I was a child. They are fascinating! I sat on our front porch step just watching the sky change colors and the rainbow arch appear and then disappear. I even saw some lightning "pass through" the rainbow. So beautiful and somewhat breathtaking.

Oh, and Duncan took himself on a walk. We let him in the front with us to take care of his business, but he had more important business down the street. So, the beauty of the sky was a little interrupted by Duncan's adolescent behavior.

Happy Thursday!
Jack and Kayla

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