Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rusty, the poodle, and his surgery

My sweet little Rusty (my parent's 10 year old poodle and Duncan's cousin) had eye surgery this week. He was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year and with that he got two big cataracts in his eyes, causing him to be just about blind. He would bump into walls, chairs, people....even fell into the pool a few times. Poor puppy. After much thinking, my parents opted for surgery and I think we are all happy, including Rusty!

This was right after his surgery. He and my mom stopped by my house (since the vet is up in OKC). He saw me come out of my front door! It's just amazing he can see again!
The vet shaved around his eyes. My moms likes to think he has been wearing a batman mask.

Here you can see his clear, clear eyes!
He is back to playing with his toy balls - he likes to hoard and keep two around him at all times.

I'm going to make the assumption that big brother Jobee (who is the 11 year old poodle) is quite jealous of Rusty's clear eyes. Jobee has cataracts, but not as bad as Rustys - Jobee still harasses everyone!

(If you didn't know, I love poodles. I think they are awesome.)


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