Friday, August 27, 2010

Duncan's Night

We got a little taste of having a little baby in the house last night. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom at 2am. While in there, I start hearing Duncan crying. It's not normal for our big boy to cry. I tell Jack and he hops out of bed, runs to Duncan crate, and they run down the hall to the backyard..... yup - Duncan had to go number 2... really bad. Jack stayed up with him for an hour while Duncan's tummy was upset. Duncan got to sleep in his crate in our room for the rest of the night. Poor puppy.

I took some time off work to take him the vet. We really don't want another night of really bad number 2's. It was my first time to take him to the vet by myself and we had a great trip! He was polite (well, he only barked at one family), let a little girl pet him, sat next to me (and even laid down!), and didn't number 1 on anything! He got a shot and some pills to start taking tomorrow. He is such a brave boy!

Feel better Dunky Wunky!

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