Friday, August 13, 2010

New Food!

Jack and I have had fun trying new cooking creations! Here are a few things we have tried:

Ebelskivers are filled pancakes. Almost bite size too! We filled our ebelskivers with strawberries and blueberries! We have a special pan that you make them in - you can read more about them here: Ebelskivers

Later that day, I made some flourless chocolate cupcakes with ice cream as icing!! It was my first experience baking these and they turned out very good! I recieved great reviews from Jack, Jordan and Trey.
Some of the cupcakes became unique in shape.. still delicious!

Yummy in our tummies!

Thanks for reading!
Jack and Kayla

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  1. Ebelskivers are quite popular here due to the large Scandinavian population here. We were introduced to them several years ago by one of Felipe's friends. Which pan do you have, and which recipe do you like best? They do taste good. Do you have the ebelskiver turners from Sonoma-Williams--they are useful and cute. Before we got ours we used wooden skewers. I am now working on what to put in long distance care packages to send to Paco at Annapolis-any ideas? Take care,Lucy