Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yard Work

On one of the hottest days this summer (I'm talking like 115 degrees), we decided to get some top soil dumped on our driveway. The things we do for our grass.

Jack using the Medina shovel, which has been involved in 30 years of yard work.

big pile of dirt.

I helped Jack where I could, which mainly involved getting fresh watermelon and tons of bottled water outside. Duncan.... did not help.

He snoozed. But he does like the grass is greener and softer than it used to be.

We already noticed a difference in the grass. It may be the greenest on our street. Let's hope it stays green and nourished throughout this drought!

And, let's also hope the pile of dirt isn't a yearly event.
-Jack and Kayla

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