Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rain, That's Unexpected

Similar to last summer, Oklahoma is under an intense drought and 100+ degrees each day. Not as bad as last summer, but somewhat comparable. We haven't seen rain since May (don't quote me on that) until one Tuesday afternoon, it poured.

We knew there was a chance rain, so we left Duncan inside the house. Jack left work to go play tennis and I stayed a little late to catch up on some testing. Now, I don't have an window in my small interior office, but I knew something was up when my UPS at work started beeping (as did everyone's). So, I thought I should leave. I grabbed an umbrella from the receptionist's area and headed into the lightly pouring rain to my car. I made it about one mile until it started raining so hard, so fast. I'm usually pretty good with driving in bad weather, but this was the worst I have ever been in. I pulled over, turned on my hazards, and watched 63rd turn into a river.

Once it let up a little, I finished my way home. Jack got rained out and headed home as well. His car doesn't like the rain. I heard from facebook (yes, I was a stop sign and got on facebook. Horrible, and I don't make a habit of it) that the power poles near my house were down. As I drove into my neighborhood, I saw a trampoline in the middle of the street, our street sign knocked over, and everyone's recycling bin in the middle of yards. I was glad to see the house was okay and Duncan safe inside.

So, Jack made it home. We didn't have power. We ordered pizza, found our flashlights and candles, and didn't open our fridge hoping it the power would come on soon.

It didn't.

We all slept poorly.

Hoping the power would come back on for the second night, but we knew it would thanks to Twitter. So, we headed south to a house with A/C.

The power came back on after 30 hours. Needless to say, our electricity bill should be slightly lower than last months. We lost just about everything in our fridge, learned our new french drains work, and realize we may be in the market for a generator.

clean and ready to be restocked.

More importantly, we got some much needed rain. Even though in seemed to be isolated to NW OKC.

-Jack and Kayla

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