Sunday, February 19, 2012

Second Anniversary

I cannot believe Jack and I have been married for TWO whole years. It's been the best two years ever.

For our anniversary, Jack told his professor he would not be attending class and I am so grateful he skipped class for the occasion. We stayed home and he made the most wonderful meal and we had the most wonderful night.

As I walked into the house after a somewhat long day at work, I heard our favorite songs being played. All the songs reminded me of times in college while we were dating.

Below are some pictures, but they hardly capture the nights' perfection.
First up, Champagne.

The prep station: Steak, Bread and Cheese.

We had cheese fondue for our appetizer.
Jack's Filet with a compound butter mixture on top. Jack is so talented.

My steak (butterflied) cooked to perfection.
Dessert - cookie cake. Perfect.
Jack surprised me with this ring holder! I love it!

We had such a wonderful meal. It was so awesome to spend our anniversary at home - everything we used was a wedding gift from someone and it meant that much more to us. After dinner, we watched some of our wedding video and just had a blast reliving that day. What a special anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Jack.
Duncan Dog was crated most of the night, but he knew something special was going on. 

 To many, many more anniversaries.
-Jack and Kayla

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