Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Duncan has Cabin Fever!

It started raining on Duncan this afternoon. He hasn't quite learned to seek shelter (aka his dog house) in times of bad weather. I managed to rinse him off by myself this evening (usually it's a team effort!)

The few days will be similar to the following video:

The complete opposite of this video:

(which was taken after a day of fun at Cousin Colonel's Pool)

Rain Rain GO Away... Dunky wants to play outside!

Thanks for reading - stay D R Y!
Jack and Kayla

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  1. Our golden was a puppy for at least 5 years, and true to her and Duncan's (I know Duncan is a lab)breed loved being in water and getting wet. Our dog did not like baths, and her vet said that unless she got into something or was really dirty not to bathe her as it would dry out her skin and cause problems. Being a Golden, our dog required alot of brushing, which she did not always appreciate. Enjoy Duncan.
    Lucy Medina