Saturday, June 11, 2011

Duncan's New Best Friend

My mom bought Duncan a new toy and we hvae named him Doug. He is a quail bird that honks/squeaks. Duncan loves him.

Duncan and Doug.
Duncan doesn't leave a room without Doug. Duncan doesn't sleep without Doug (he supringsly doesn't squeak him at night). Doug doesn't go outsife with Duncan, but Duncan spends all day thinking about him. Once we get home and let him inside, Duncan goes and finds Doug to start an evening play session. It's been so hot this week that their play time doesn't last long. They both end up on the cool tile to cool off.

Snuggle buddies.
Unfortnately, with all toys, they eventually have to get checked into the infirmary with stuffing hemorrhage.


After an overnight stay and several stitches, Doug is all better.
All better.
We think he knows the bird name is Doug. We can say "Go get Doug" and he will start looking around the house for him... at least we think that is what he is doing. He just loves this bird.

We hope Doug stays around for a while. He just makes Duncan so happy. And they can play with each other. We fear Doug will lose a leg before to long.

Thanks Mom. It's seriously his favorite toy.


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